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UjuziNet Technology

UjuziNet Edtech Means Quality Education Accessible to All.

We uses the following technology.

1.       First, we have built the platform in a way that it provides access to quality education online and offline using both SMS(USSD), Mobile Apps and Web Apps and easy to use even in the low connectivity settings.

2.       Third,  we have developed an artificial intelligence system and ChatBot software on our learning platform that understands each individual learner’s competency and delivers the right lesson for them at the right time. The platform matches the learner to the right lesson at the level that they need. The student learns and grows with lesson content tailored for them through mobile Apps, web or SMS on their phones.

3.      At UjuziNet, we are leveraging technology to create quality learning experiences for a broad range of learners. This technology allows us to really focus on what matters most in the learning equation: the student. For example, we help in production of  motion graphics and computer animations to supplement and enhance students' understanding of lecture content. We have  remote video crews for practical or field projects, laboratories, operating rooms, and manufacturing plants to provide students with a telepresence experience they could never have in a physical classroom. We've created social tools to allow students to learn with and from each other—both online and offline.

4.      As technology grows in sophistication and power and we continue to learn how best to harness it, UjuziNet-powered programs will increase in quality.We are using technology to fundamentally rethink the experience of education—with the student at the center of it all.

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