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UjuziNet Edtech

Tanzania adult literacy rate is 77.89% which ranks 110th position in the world. Teaching level is still not adequate UNICEF, (2014) 8% of grade 2 pupils could read and only 8% could add or subtract. Youth Unemployment coupled with Skills Shortage in Tanzania is worse. The unemployment rate may be as higher as more than 45%. It is normal to find groups of unemployed youths (School Leavers) engaging in theft, alcoholism, drug abuse and prostitution. At the same time businesses and organizations across the region, employers complain that they cannot find skilled entry-level workers due to the following traditional educational Problems and Challenges:

1.       Weak educational curriculum that does not give the students the necessary skills and habits.

2.       Lack of locally developed educational contents that solve African related challenges.

3.        Lack of Flexibility due to geographical Limitations and expensive educational programs

4.        Overcrowded classrooms with shortage of resources

5.       With Closed Schools and Colleges, Majority of Students are disconnected and unable to access education

UjuziNet Edtech Limited (www.UjuziNet.co.tz ) provides solutions to those Challenges, as a pan African new educational technology company that contracts with Schools, Colleges, Universities and Industry experts to offer Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), Short Courses, Vocational Courses, Professional Certificates, diploma and online degree programs. We Supplies to our Partner institutions with a cloud-based software-as-a-service platform, coursework design, infrastructure support, and data. We help our Customers use mobile devices or computers to Study online programs i.e degree or diploma or certificates without going physically to their institutions. Our Platform Uses Web, Mobile Apps and artificial intelligence technology. Students can learn easily on their mobile devices on the go from their registered schools, colleges, universities or even industry experts of their choice anywhere. And sit for final exams under their registered schools or colleges. We don’t produce our own contents and compete with Schools and Colleges but rather we partner, support and empower traditional schools into mobile and Smart Schools. Students can opt to register for extra curricula skill based courses like 4IR, entrepreneurship and Vocational programs  offered by institutions and industry experts registered in the platform and book tools and workspaces nearest to them for practice; consequently, making youths self employed and employable.

Our target Markets:

1.       School and College Leavers 15+ years old: Majority of these youths are Unemployed due to lack of proper skills required by employer or soft skills to develop their own businesses. At the same time, organizations, employers complain that they cannot find skilled entry-level worker, given the poor education systems. 

2.       Graduate and Undergraduate Students: Students from Colleges both private and public, Vocational Colleges and Universities.

3.       Professional and Corporate: These are professional working class in corporate organizations looking to upskill or reskill their careers.

4.       Start Ups, Entrepreneurs and Farmers: We partner with industry experts and Institutions to create specific online courses for StartUps, Entrepreneurs

The company was registered in United Republic of Tanzania as UjuziNet EdTech Limited under the company Act 2002 with registration number 152626320.

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